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Welcome to your garden! Limelight Community Garden (LCG) is a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We cultivate individual growth and neighborhood unity through community gardening, as well as youth gardening education. Our community gardening policies and procedures are important for all gardeners to understand. 

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LCG consists of garden plots in two sizes: 4’x8’, 4’x12’, ADA/senior raised beds, along with herb beds, butterfly and native gardens, fruit trees and a compost area. The garden also contains child education areas and common space. Our goal is to nurture responsible gardening and create healthy soil organically. 

Each gardener must reserve a plot, which is on a first come, first served basis. Gardeners may also apply for a second plot by signing onto a waiting list. Should one become available, they will be offered in the order in which they were signed up for. A non-refundable $40 membership fee for 4x8 and ADA plots and a non-refundable $50 membership fee for 4x12 plots is required annually of all gardeners. If a plot has not be been used within 3 months, the plot will default to the waiting list, or be apportioned to other gardening programs. 

LCG maintains a locked gate once the fence is installed. The combination will be available to members. All gardeners are required to sign in and time/date their entry and exit. The last person to leave the garden is responsible for locking the gate. LCG is monitored by security cameras for your safety as well as a deterrent to vandals. 

Members are responsible for their own garden plot. Herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any use of these materials will immediately revoke the member of garden privileges. It is the gardeners’ responsibility to control weeds and trash in their own plots, and to properly clear and dispose of debris in their plot and adjoining pathways. Please return all borrowed tools from the shed to their proper location when finished for the day. 

Water and mulch are provided by LCG. Currently, water is only available in water barrels and must be carried to each bed either in buckets or watering cans. We ask that you use water consciously and utilize compost and mulch to reduce any water needs. Compost is generated in our compost area and will be available to members as it completes its cycle. Please do NOT remove compost from the bins yourself. 

Children under the age of 12 must have parent or guardian supervision. Any injuries must be brought to the attention of LCG and a report filed with the office. No protruding objects, other than stakes and trellises, may be used in the garden plots without written consent from LCG. Be mindful and respectful of others around you, and of tools in pathway. Every gardener must sign a liability waver prior to membership.

This project can only be successful if all gardeners work together. In addition to your annual membership fee, you are required to contribute your time by participating in clean-up projects. It is the collective responsibility of all gardeners to maintain the beauty and success of our garden. Each member is expected to contribute 40 hours of time to the garden each year. There will be a log to keep track of everyone’s hours. This is an addition to the maintenance of your own garden plot.

LCG is a small non-profit supported by donated funds that must be raised annually. Staff size is small and varies according to funds.

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