Limelight Community Garden in Sarasota, FL


Limelight Community Garden is on the way!


The project is focused on transforming an unofficial dumpsite into a beautiful, thriving, community-engaged education and interactive community garden led by the non-profit Every Child, Inc. The vision for the space is to bring beauty and transform it from waste to a valuable resource in the form of a community garden that offers educational opportunities, child-friendly access, and demonstration of urban community gardens in unsuspecting environments. The community garden will create opportunities for multiple stakeholders to intersect and co -create to meet needs while improving the space and the neighborhood  Benefits may include local food growing and thus more resiliency in the local food system, educational and activity opportunities for youth who are attending the neighboring preschool, gathering spaces for enjoying beauty in a space that can be utilized even in times of a pandemic because of the option to physical distance when needed. This project could be a model for collaboration, gardening, composting, abundance, nature appreciation, youth and community educa- tion, cross-sector partnerships and landscape transformation.

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